My father, most of my bosses and now my ex-wife all have told me I am too opinionated. They tell me I should learn to keep my opinions to myself if I wish to be successful. To learn to bite my tongue. Here is my solution, instead of holding it back all the time, I will now write them down.

It is quite vain of me to even think that others would want to read my thoughts, but that is part of who I am. In this blog you will hear my thoughts on politics, life, books, movies, and whatever else I feel like subjecting the world to.

I hope you enjoy my take on things.

Tijuana Trips

Portland recommendations are found here.

Disclaimer: My opinions are not those of any business or organization mentioned on my site, they are solely mine and mine alone, so stop taking credit for my brilliant ideas you corporate bastards! Sorry, that derailed from the legalese a bit… My opinions do not reflect those of any company or organization herein mentioned.

Contact: 503-927-0233

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