Musings of the wind

Windbreakers… are they for guys who break wind? I saw this ad a while back for disposable adult underwear with this charcoal lining that was supposed to help cut down on odors for those that are too flatulent. If we were to rename them as “Windbreakers” then we could give them the tag line “Windbreakers… for those who can’t help but to break wind.”

Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online

I was anticipating these games for some time but had to wait for a sale, and good internet access, to get them recently. Since I began playing them there has been no other games for me.

Of course both of these are by Bethesda Studios, and both are from long loved video game series. I appreciate the intricacy of the worlds of Fallout 4  and Elder Scrolls so much. One gives you the experience of being in a medieval style setting while the other is set in a futuristic wasteland. The best of two extremes.

I respect the detail and cohesiveness put into the series by the creators. In Fallout 4 you can go to one place and read on their computer diary the struggles they are experiencing, it will reference another group of people or several groups. You stumble across the settlement they were referencing and find the person they mentioned in that seemingly random entry. Of course this is only after you killed them and looted their stuff that you realize it.

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I thought this a fitting first post. I used to believe that Gambit was my favorite superhero with his suave french influences and mysterious air. That was, until I discovered the brilliance that is Deadpool. One of my favorite superheroes (?) over the last few years.

I loved how they worked in the references to all the previous comic book characters that Ryan Reynolds has played. He has a number, such as, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Hannibal King in the Blade series, and of course the first and terrible rendition of Wade Wilson/Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. How can you take the mouth away from “the merc with a mouth” and still call it the same character?

A couple of my favorite lines would have to be, “Whose kitty litter did I just shit in?” and “After a brief adjustment period, and a couple of drinks, it’s a face… I could sit on.”

The movie was almost everything I had hoped for. They could have pushed the envelope a bit more, had Morena Baccarin show a bit more skin, or better yet Ryan Reynolds, haha. But I understand the need to appeal to the masses. I hope he gets to have many more appearances.