Don, Donna and their daughter.

I got the opportunity to meet a nice couple and their daughter the other day. Don and Donna are an older couple from the Portland Metro, been married about 60 years. They met at church when they were younger. He gave me a crazy story of how she had already dated all the Lutheran guys in the church she grew up in so had to move on to the Methodist church he had been attending. Don was a real character, great sense of humor.

Don and his daughter have a birthday only 2 days apart, just like my oldest daughter and I do. I was getting the honor of driving them to their shared birthday dinner at a nice steak house in town. I thought it was so cool seeing someone else that makes sure even after all those years to take that time with someone they love and celebrate their lives together.

Here in about another month I get to do the same with my daughter, we call it our Super Birthday, that day in between. We always make sure it is just the two of us together that day. No one else, then we do whatever she would like. I hope to be able to hold on to that time with her for as many years as Don and his daughter have.

Oven mitts?

Supposedly these are silicon oven mitts… I’ll let you be the judge. I do feel they should have a banana for scale, so size is unknown.

Almost looks like someone’s idea on how to hide money and important documents while traveling over seas. “Wear this cup to protect the family jewels, and it comes with a handy sleeve in the back to store your documents!”