Marvel and Disney

I recently heard that Disney had purchased Marvel a few years back. At first I was pretty excited about it. They have clearly upped the game regarding the MCU. They have also done a great job with the more recently acquired Lukas Films.

Here is the big draw back from having the MCU part of the larger Disney world. Disney does not want to release movies that will conflict with other movies release dates. So Marvel doesn’t only have to consider their own conflicts, they have to consider all Disney conflicts. This has potentially caused one of the highly anticipated MCU movies to be killed off, The Inhumans. This movie would have been the culmination of the whole Shield TV series that is currently playing on ABC. It would have given us a better chance for seeing Vin Diesel in a real Marvel role, not only an unrecognizable voice of Groot on Guardians of the Galaxy.

All this is to say Disney needs to not worry so much about the conflicts. If a movie I really want to see is coming out this weekend, and then another the following weekend, I’ll go to both. Just keep focused on turning out great products for us and we will keep coming as often as they come out. By worrying so much about conflicts you will only be cutting yourselves short for even larger profits.

What’s your ideal MCU Mash-up?

I just finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy again and it got me thinking, wouldn’t Star Lord and Deadpool be great together? Just think of the ensuing hilarity! Even better would be to throw Spider Man into the mix. Between these three I am sure we could have some good arguments about food, love, and who has the best outfit.

I imagine a closing scene going something like this:

Deadpool – “Whew, that was a tough one. Let’s get some chimichangas guys.”

Spiderman – “No, let’s get pizza, we are in New York after all.”

Star Lord – “I remember pizza, that get’s my vote.” He raises his hand.

Deadpool – “We aren’t your merry band of do gooders here Jason. No voting, unless you can grow that hand back.”

Star Lord – He drops his hand, “Aaah, chimichangas, aaauu, sounds good actually.” He leans over to Spidy, “what’s a chimichanga?”


So, what would be your ideal MCU Mash-Up?