New Predator Movie

Just left the theater where I got to watch the new Predator movie in the Regal RPX auditorium. This was full of action and humor right off. The Loony Unit was nearly perfect. I only wish the part that Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones) played had more to it.

They made sure to include the “get to the chopper” line and other throwbacks that helped connect it to the older movies. Olivia Munn kicked some ass for a scientist, I enjoyed seeing her throw down even better than most of the soldiers.

The new vision of the predator tech gave a lot of room to grow the series while keeping the original cannon tech in tact. It was inspiring seeing the little boy with Autism be able to grasp the complex alien language, becoming the biggest bad ass of them all by the end.

Hurry out to see this newest installment in the predator series, supporting it so we can get many more.

Bad Samaritan


I just walked out of the theater where I watched the new arm rest gripping movie Bad Samaritan. Lead actor, David Tennant, delivered a truly compelling sociopathic character that is going to make me nervous to go out in the nearby downtown of Portland, OR where this story took place.

I appreciated the small touches that showed they really shot the film here in Portland. The best was probably the channel 7 newscaster. The nearby town they chose for the second location would have only been better if it were Estacada, where we all know the true serial killers bury their bodies.

If you enjoy a good thriller rush out this weekend and watch the Bad Samaritan, just don’t let the valet park your car.

Best line of the movie

And that’s how you save someone